In issue number 74 of IN PALMA, the black-and-white photographs of Melchor Guardia transport us to the Port of Palma in the 1950s, the Amarar collective tells us how they turn the fallen pine trees of the Serra de Tramuntana into furniture, we enter Plywood House with architects Aina Salvà and Alberto Sánchez, we chat to Marlene Albaladejo about her contemporary designs inspired by traditional objects, and we immerse ourselves in the inner paradise of artist Tamara Lloyd Cox; Elena Zafón guides us through the fascinating universe of plants, and we travel to Seoul to visit the latest projects by designer Jaime Hayón, among other stories worth the telling.

And also, the hottest restaurants, boutiques, design & interiors spaces, hotels and secret corners in Palma.

IN PALMA is a magazine made in Mallorca from the heart, with a desire to reach the heart of its readers through simple stories, human people and beautiful places all of which are worth telling.

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