"When you take care of a plant, it takes care of you too”

Elena Zafón (Valencia, 1985) came to Mallorca six years ago in search of contact with pure nature. She studied graphic design, but her love for plants and faith in life led her to give botany courses at Biznaga Atelier, and create green spaces in homes and offices. “We are part of nature, and we need to be in contact with plants; we are so much more than a person who has to be productive day in, day out”, she says.

“The main thing about caring for a plant is to observe it, and to do that you need time. Seeing how a new leaf grows, or a flower emerges, generates endorphins in us. Observing plants also keeps us in the present moment, connected to nature. When you take care of a plant, it takes care of you too”. Elena began observing plants as a young child. At her grandparents’ home there were different trees, jasmine plants, geraniums, cypresses, a banana tree, a loquat tree… “We used to go around looking at them and tending to them. I still remember how my grandfather would eat the carobs, and my grandmother would tend to the daisies”.

Elena was drawn to all things creative and eventually she decided to study graphic design. After finishing her degree, she made a decision: “to leave my comfort zone and take control of my life”. Copenhagen, [...]


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