Visible sincerity

Luca Lliteras, Marina Munnar, Pau del Campo and Rafel Capó created Nora Studio in 2015, while they were still studying Architecture. Their project En Batería, a house on the outskirts of Sa Pobla, is an exercise in learning and innovation which transmits simplicity, sincerity and flexibility, with thermal clay and concrete as the star materials.

“Claudia and Julen wanted a house that reflected their way of life, a transparent project. To achieve this, we had to look for answers in the simplicity and purity of this challenge: sincerity”, explains Pau del Campo, head of the En Batería project by Nora Studio, created on a plot of land measuring 195 square metres on the outskirts of Sa Pobla, in the northwest of the island. 

Claudia and Julen have two daughters and a very clear way of understanding cohabitation, in which the communal spaces have to be the most salient feature, with minimal private spaces. “They decided to pursue a totally sincere, transparent idea for living with family and the environment, and [...]


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