The value of small things

The year was 2012. In the offices of a multinational in New York Melissa Rosenbauer (New Jersey, 1977) and Thomas Bossert (Wuppertal, 1966) happened to meet by the coffee machine one morning. They started talking about the virtues of camomile tea and suddenly, there was a spark between them. Three years later they decided to travel the world to live out new experiences. Until they settled in Mallorca and created Espanyolet. They began working with their hands, dyeing old fabrics to manufacture tapestries and cushions, until taking the leap to interior design in 2020.

Just a year ago, Thomas was fighting cancer. Fortunately he won that fight and is now fully recovered. A few days after the doctors confirmed the good news, Melissa and Thomas went out for a drive near Valldemossa, “and at that precise moment I felt plenitude for the first time in my life”, Melissa recounts. “I started reflecting on all that we had been through: moving to Mallorca, having to learn a new language, making new friends, Thomas’s cancer... and I realised how happy I was in spite of having had a terrible, demanding year. It was the first time I felt truly happy. I felt lucky that Thomas was better and I finally accepted that life can be difficult, but that we are still here, still standing”. 

In Thomas, too, all these events triggered [...]


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