The search for imperfection

Cruz Ugarte (Bilbao, 1966) says that drawing is a search for herself, that confronting the white paper is hard sometimes, but that once she begins, it all starts to flow and then it turns into a game. “It’s something like fear: when you are afraid of something, it’s a sign that you should face up to it”, the Esporles-based artist confesses.

Cruz has been clear about this ever since she was small: “Drawing was my way of expressing myself, I loved everything visual - comics, magazines, films... At first I tried to imitate the illustrators, especially the faces of the princesses. I also used to really like seeing the positions of the bodies and their expressions, so I could get into other stories and see other worlds. Studying Fine Arts was the only logical route if I wanted to be true to myself”. 

In Fine Arts, she specialised in painting, and studied painting restoration for one year. But when she finished, her professional career led her along a different path. “I got a job in a company that did video animation. I started as an assistant and ended up as a video editor”. A few years later [...]


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