Palma as it used to be

Bartomeu Reus (Palma, 1886) photographed landscapes, buildings, fiestas, customs… the folklore of that simple, rural Palma of the early 20th century. A carpenter by trade, when he picked up his stereoscopic camera in his free time, he would wait patiently for precisely the right instant to capture the magic of the moment, which now reaches us.

For those fine carpenters of more than a century ago, taking care of every single detail, highlighting all the potential subtleties and innovating at the same time was a hallmark of their identity. And Bartomeu Reus was one of them; while he pursued his trade in the workshop, he acquired an extremely important characteristic - patience - which led him to practice what was his great passion in life: photography.

Reus grew up in one of those typical streets of Palma’s old town which even today, still retain the tranquillity and silence of that age. If he wanted to go and take photographs in Pollença on a given day, for example, he had to take his heavy equipment, load it up onto sa camiona (the omnibus), set up the camera [...]


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