Truth seeks beauty

Ten years may be a long time or not much, depending on how you look at it. I guess it has to do with the things you have done as it passes. The books you’ve read, the people you’ve loved, the number of times you picked yourself up after every fall, to carry on walking without looking back.

In the case of IN PALMA I feel quite proud of what we have achieved over these last ten years. And in particular with regard to more recent times, I wonder what it is that has made readers and advertisers trust it so solidly, both in good times and in not-so-good times. And I have reached the conclusion that our success (whatever that word means) is based on three pillars that we have never forsaken.

The first pillar is the truth. The truth with which we have written each and every one of millions of words over this decade. The truth with which we have designed every page, chosen every photograph. The truth with which we have explained to potential clients what we could do for them if they decided to advertise their company or product on our pages.

The second pillar is love. The love for what we do, the love that pervades each of the forty-one issues of IN PALMA released to date. I am sure that, for some reason, you don’t have the feeling you are holding just any magazine in your hands now, but an object conceived with love designed to regale you with pleasant spell of time as you enjoying reading it.

The third pillar is beauty. No truly creative project can be devoid of beauty. Truth seeks beauty. Without beauty, truth is impossible, and without truth, beauty is not possible.

I cannot conclude without remembering the first person that trusted in our project when it did not even have a name: Thank you Marilén, wherever you are. I will never forget you.

I thank all the people who have believed in us and followed us throughout this time from the bottom of my heart. Recently I have had the profound, wonderful feeling that all this has only just begun.

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