Cases de Son Serra

Natural elegance

Surrounded by almond trees, olive trees, ears of grain and mountains. In a large but simple home, without fanfare, heated by fireplaces and equipped with the essential basics for living. This was how the inhabitants of Cases de Son Serra, in Bunyola, lived in 1773. An old Mallorcan possessió, or rural estate, the architectural refurbishment of which was directed by Bernat Oliver and Javi Márquez, and interior design by Feliu Rullán and Victoria Vidal, of Bon Vivant Concept, with the aim of adapting it to the 21st century without forfeiting an iota of its former essence.

In the old Mallorcan possessions (large estates surrounded by farmland) of four or five centuries ago, ostentation and luxury were conspicuous by their absence. A sobriety that Victoria and Feliu wanted to respect when redecorating this historic house in Bunyola. Although they have also combined it with objects and artworks that could well have been to the taste of a noble family of the period in question.

Objects and artworks that were handmade by Mallorcan creators, like the paintings of Toni Salom and Jaume Roig, the fabrics of Adriana Meunié, the pieces by Contain Studio, La Pecera and Lasanta, or the lamps of Tonia Fuster.

“We didn’t need to look elsewhere because they are all of incredible quality and taste. We wanted to bestow a Mallorcan identity on the house, with austere, elegant Mediterranean pieces that confer simple luxury, not beautiful products that have nothing at all to do with the history of the island”, the owners of Bon Vivant Concept explain.

“We have tried to reflect the different styles the house already had, combining the austere, rustic nature of its beginnings with Mallorcan modernism, coupled with contemporary touches characterised by the purity of the shapes and an absence of superfluous elements”, says Victoria.

The sundial from 1867 on the façade, the traditional Mallorcan kitchen where cooking was done over a log fire, and a block dating from 1909, reminiscent of the neogothic and modernist styles, are some of the elements that lend character and essence to the property.

For two years Victoria and Feliu studied the wishes of the new inhabitants of the house, to understand their needs and how they wanted to live, adapting the lighting, distribution, carpentry and design of the rooms with bespoke furniture. “We played with [...]


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