Light and time

Every single day we have the chance to walk towards the light or towards the darkness. That is to say, every day we can choose to give our life meaning, to learn all kinds of things from everyone, in all the different fields, with humility and positive ambition, do good, nurture our creativity and passion, leave a pleasant impression on the people around us, look at ourselves at the end of the day and recognise ourselves in that gaze. Or we can choose the contrary. Which would be a great pity.

Not every day is going to unfold as we expect it to. Sometimes even the smallest unexpected event can frustrate us and ruin our good intentions. But we are wonderfully human beings, and we will carry on making mistakes. The important thing is to see obstacles as an opportunity and not as a problem. As a chance to learn and carry on growing, step by little step every day.

It is only when you reach a certain time of your life that you realise how important time is, for things to mature and for everything to fall into place. If you have done things more or less well, the feeling in your heart is gratifying, moving and long-lasting. Howard Gardner, the creator of the theory of multiple intelligences, sustains that a decade of hard work is needed for talent to become genius. Which is why every day counts when we are approaching our own infinity.

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