"Life isn't a fairy tale"

One day Dora Good Alzamora (Palma, 1986) decided she wanted to bring beautiful things into the world. First she tried with painting, but it didn’t work out. Until she reached a place of stability with ceramics, and a personal connection with nature. Her work has led her to exhibit her pieces in cities like London, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

If you’re 6 years old and one fine day you go from living in Deià, in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, to an island in south-western Florida, U.S.A., called Boca Grande, that is definitely a change. But not as big a change as it may initially appear. “My childhood was marked by freedom and contact with nature. One of my favourite memories is walking with my mother - a painter and ceramicist – along a beach of white sand on Boca Grande, an island that’s smaller than Formentera, looking at skates and fish”, Dora describes. 

Her grandmother and mother being artists as well, she grew up reading, drawing and playing with pieces of paper that she created in her mother’s atelier. Until she turned 18 and bade [...]


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