Fares Micue

Jisu released a balloon and Fares conquered the world

One fine day Fares Micue (Lanzarote, 1987) was conducting a photo session in her studio. All of a sudden a balloon her 2-year-old son Jisu was playing with floated into the frame. Fares’ first thought on seeing the result was “How beautiful!” And that was how her exceptional story began.

Jisu: “Mummy, will you do everything to make me happy?” 

Fares: “No. First of all, I will do everything to make myself happy. And when I’m happy, I will be able to give you happiness. Because nobody can give what they don’t have”.

Jisu: “So, if you’re happy, will I be happy?” Fares: “Yes. Happiness complements itself, but first I have to be happy. And afterwards I will transmit that to you”.

Happy mums, happy children. “I see that parents often make sacrifices so that their children are happy. But they aren’t. And the children sense that. It’s a bittersweet sensation, because you are seeking happiness at the expense of your own sacrifice. And I don’t want my son to have that feeling of sacrifice. First me, and then you. It isn’t selfishness. It’s for you”.



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