"I don't work to showcase myself, but the products I draw"

After working as an art director with a creative agency, at the age of 38 Jaume Vilardell (Palma, 1966) decided to embark on a new phase in his life. His wife, Gabrielle sent his illustrations to agencies all over the world. Since then his drawings have been used as the image of campaigns for Sony, Bulgari, Bentley and Princess, among other multinationals.

How did your relationship with drawing begin? 

My father had a really nice library, I loved his books of engravings, like Die Balearen by Archduke Ludwig Salvator. I was fascinated by the technique of making lines and creating an image using this shaded area. I would draw landscapes of Mallorca and my parents’ friends used to buy the drawings from me. I used the money I earned to start travelling.

You studied industrial design in Mallorca, and later you went to London. How did that come about? 

I was working with a friend, and we read in the paper that they were giving out grants for students of industrial design in the European Community. We applied, and she went to Milan and I went to London, where I specialised in furniture design. But [...]


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