Galería Barceló

Una historia por contar

"The sensuality still exists. It is in our island, in the materials, in my hands"... 

To enter the magical universe of the Barceló Gallery is to enter a place where everything is possible with good taste, character, surprise and the mark left by the good and true things in life. 

The beginnings of the gallery are at the height of this magical and special space. "My father was a plumber in Santanyí, as well as an art lover. When he did work for local artists, they used to pay him with paintings and sculptures. This is how the history of the Barceló Gallery began", says Mateo José Ferrer Barceló, son of the founder and current manager of the business. 

Mateo is above all an entrepreneur and a lover of his work. He especially enjoys dealing with his clients, many of whom have become good friends over the years. "Finding a special piece or the unique piece of furniture that a client was looking for, and watching their face when they see it for the first time, is one of my greatest satisfactions", says Mateo, who is able to find the most special objects, from iron or olive wood tables, to doors, antiques, works of art, lamps, statues, vases, mirrors and curiosities brought from the five continents, all of them with a very special story behind them. Objects that go beyond their functionality and add personality to the home. 

In addition, the Barceló Gallery offers a made-to-measure furniture service, according to the taste and needs of each client. And also a transport service to anywhere in the world. 

A leisurely stroll through this enormous shop located in an old house in the centre of Santanyí is to enter a world that combines history, curiosity and beauty in equal parts. And that has a story to tell every visitor.



C. Llaneras, 38. Santanyí.

T. (+34) 971 163 012.

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