Contemporary tradition

Marlene Albaladejo grew up on an island that was waiting to be discovered, where contact with nature and creativity absorbed her days. Trained at the Eina School of Design in Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Milan, her life project is called Edicions de disseny La Pecera Mallorca. From the start, she devoted herself to designing contemporary pieces inspired by traditional, everyday objects, and producing them in manner that is 100% manual, artisanal, local and sustainable.

I t is six o’clock on a summer morning several decades ago, when the coast of Mallorca was all but pristine, before being smothered in villas crowded up against one another. Dawn breaks in the east of the island and Marlene, her grandfather and her brother, set sail from Cala Bona into the azure blue of the Mediterranean in their little lateen sail llaüt. They are going out to fish combers and painted combers, rainbow wrasses and annular seabreams, among others. And they are do - ing so using the traditional Mallorcan fishing method called volantí. Marlene goes back to those days when she needs to close her eyes and relax, and connect with that peace she felt back then, out in the middle of the sea. 

The designer opens the doors of her new office near the cathedral, which she is still putting the finishing touches to in order to feel that she fully identifies with it. Some [...]


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