Jaime Hayón

The art of freedom

The vision of Jaime Hayón (Madrid, 1974) travels all around the world through his designs of objects and interiors, as well as large urban installations, sculptures and paintings. His latest project, in collaboration with Hyundai, was the creation of two lounges, one of them in the largest shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea. “It had to be surprising, and offer a unique experience”, he explains. He has also left his imprint in Pangyo, the “Korean Silicon Valley”, a place where technology and tradition live alongside one another. 

How do you define yourself, as an artist or as a designer? Are there differences between the two specialities?  

I consider myself to be an artist who works in a wide diversity of fields. For me, design is also a manifestation of art. Over recent years, I have been exploring my freer artistic facet through painting.

You grew up in a family with several economists – what led you to devote yourself to art? 

Creativity has always been a part of my personality; I used to invent and create my own worlds. I believe art is part of everything, the essence of dialogue with life and my launching platform for all areas of action. It’s the fire of the spirit.

You say that an interrail trip you went on when you were 13 made a mark on you...

That journey was my initiation into the art of freedom. Freedom, and the ability to explore the world on my own terms, has always been a very seductive idea. 

How important are your parents in terms of the person you are today?

Very important. They always supported my initiatives, respected my character and never placed obstacles in my path to independence and freedom. There was a great deal of respect for free will in our home.

What do you need to create?  



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