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Tomàtiga de Ramellet: The most Mallorcan of tomatoes

Tomàtiga de Ramellet: The most Mallorcan of tomatoes

The tomàtiga de ramellet or vine tomato is a local varity from Mallorca which is indispensable in the island’s gastronomy, and naturally, the best accompaniment for the island’s typical brown bread and olive oil in a good pa amb oli.

This kind of tomato first appeared in the villages of the Tramuntana mountains, Estellencs and Banyalbufar, in 1929. Nowadays they are grown all over Mallorca. The island’s different generations of farmers have created a huge variety of these same vine tomatoes, which are styled tomàtigues de ferro, tomàtigues de penjar, tomàtiga blanca or tomàtiga auténtica here, amongst other popular names.

They are between red and orange in colour, have a lot of pulp and grow on a vine-like stalk. The importance of this product for Mallorcan gastronomy resides in its durability, as it can be conserved without refrigeration. To make the tomatoes last longer, the ‘strings’ are usually tied up and hung in places away from direct sunlight, such as a larder.

The tomàtiga de ramellet is protected, as it is considered a conservation variety in the register of commercial varieties, in order to prevent its appropriation.

Author: E. L. E.

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