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Your Guide to Mallorca

Monday January 27, 2020


  • Iván Terrasa

    Iván Terrasa (Palma de Mallorca, 1974).

    Editor and founder of EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “Hola hola! I have been a graduate in Audiovisual Communication and Political Science from Miami University (Florida, USA) since 1996. I have worked for several communications media in Spain, the US and Latin America. I have published two novels, La noche que yo amo (2000) and Adagio de Rocas (2002), both with the publisher Victor Books. In 2004 I established my company, EL LOFT EDITORIAL, and we released our first magazine, IN PALMA. I am increasingly attracted towards the wisdom and beauty of Mother Earth and the force of the Universe”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... People who pretend to be what they aren’t.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... My home in Esporles.
  • José Miguel Márquez

    José Miguel Márquez (Palma de Mallorca, 1976).

    Art Director at EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “After studying painting, sculpture and engraving, I had to adapt to the new age and to the new artistic techniques - the digital ones. Graphic design, layout, 3D… Fortunately, having collected hundreds of magazines for years, my collection contains some magazines designed by me. I would like to travel round the whole world, it isn’t that big. A great friend of mine once told me that all people have more in common with one another than against one another, and I would like to find out for myself”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... Lack of good manners.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... Plaza Josep María Quadrado.
  • Georgina de Diego

    Georgina de Diego (Palma de Mallorca, 1984).

    Content Manager at EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “Bonjour! Ciao! People on the street think I’m Italian or French. I always wonder why, when I lost my heart in Madrid... I studied Journalism at Complutense University and a master’s degree in Cultural Journalism at CEU San Pablo University. I have lived in Brussels, Milan and Formentera and I have worked in communication, production, the written media and radio”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... Lack of humility.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... Anywhere in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, where I would like to live.
  • Celina María Höchel

    Celina María Höchel (Hamburgo, 1983).

    Marketing & Communication Manager at EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “Hi, how goes it? I’m Celina, a young woman from the north of Germany (Hamburg) with a significant Mallorcan side to me, after having grown up and lived on this beautiful island from the age of 7 until now. I studied at two international schools on the island and afterwards I trained in audiovisuals and acting. I have experience in several sectors and have been part of the incredible EL LOFT EDITORIAL team since 2012, as head of marketing and communication. In my free time I enjoy acting, reading books on psychology and astrology, being with my dogs and spending time with the fantastic people around me”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... Lack of sensitivity and humour.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... There are too many to name just one… sunsets at Sa Foradada, the beach of Calo des Moro, my house…
  • Denise Albero

    Denise Albero (Palma de Mallorca, 1989).

    Graphic Designer at EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “Konnichiwa! In 2011 I finished studying at EDIB, where I was awarded an HND in Graphic Design. I have been part of the EL LOFT EDITORIAL team since 2010. I have never lived anywhere outside Mallorca, and I don’t know 100% of the island. Some day I’d love to visit Japan and feel part of its culture for a few days”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... Lack of respect.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... Platja de Ses Dones, especially in winter.
  • Cristina Oliver del Río

    Cristina Oliver del Río (Palma de Mallorca, 1989).

    Editorial assistant at EL LOFT EDITORIAL.

    “Hi! First off I may seem a little shy and serious, but after you talk to me a while it turns out I’m a really fun person to be around! After qualifying in Administration and Finance, I am now studying Labour Relations at the University of the Balearic Islands. In terms of employment, I have been in the tourism and radio sectors, and now I am part of the exciting world of publishing”.

    • One thing I don’t like at all is... Lies.
    • My favourite place on Mallorca is... Any delightful corner of the coast, cove or beach.